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Since multiple people have mentioned that this season’s anime contain a lot of exclamation points, I was going to write a post full of these pesky bits of punctuation to make fun.  But then I looked at the season for myself and realized that there aren’t so many exclamation points at all.

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Alright, I decided to do a Hideyoshi gallery for fun.  I won’t be using any particularly NSFW images, though some may be somewhat suggestive.  So there, I warned you.

Anyway!  30 Hideyoshi images for you to enjoy.  I tried to be both comprehensive and selective, so this is not every single Hideyoshi image known to man or anything.  However, not all of these are Hideyoshi images that I particularly love.  Or even like.  Also, the links do all go to Pixiv.

Smithy also put up some Hideyoshi art on his blog.  I only overlapped the images that I really like, so check his out too.  Doing this, I learned that the people who compile these galleries are seriously patient.  It takes ages.

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