A story of gambling…and porn. Adapted and improved for Paper Flower by mefloraine hirasawa (the all-lowercase-ness is an important part of her name) and Raph Fail (of Borderline Hikikomori).

This episode begins with ken-ken-pa~ ken-ken-pa~

We meet the best character ever: Yang-Yang. She is so awesome, even mef remembers her name. Her special ability is to cast spells on items.

But only items made in China.

“My spell only works on things made in China,” she admits abashedly to the group.

“This is foolishness,” the evil organization leader says.

We wonder why the spell didn’t work on Rio’s boobs.

Anyway, the Rio Gang goes off to GOLDSCHMIDT RESORT to take it back and turn it into HOWARD RESORT again by…WINNING. LOTS OF WINNING.

mef thought her name was Linda. And you wonder why she's always so confused!?

Well, then they win 15% of the hotel’s money or something.

“I always wanted to swim in a pile of money!”

Glub glub.

What will they take back first?

The spa resort?

The shopping mall?

The 3D theater?

The South Beach?

No! Misery Castle!

Then Mint loses her stuffed bear, so everyone decides they need to go find it! But first they lose all their money!

Oh, and Rio’s mom was the joker from the last episode. In case you didn’t notice! (We didn’t notice.)

And the bad guy had boob fusion surgery.

And then we actually meet Yang-Yang. And the twin she created, An-An. But shhh, we don’t know she created the twin yet.

Anyway, then they fight. And their directions come from a girl with the most awesome outfit ever seen. Basically they wear fanservice (the main character comes back!), and choose cards that hopefully match each other, while being blown up!

This is like a filler episode, but it’s actually part of the plot.

Anyway, Rio and our loli companion win with a combination of LSD and love. (But mostly LSD.) And then everyone makes up. And then Rina and Rio decide they’ll battle next time.

Also next time: BEACH EPISODE.

We wrote so little because this was ridiculously filler-ish. Also, Raph was so horrified by the extra ass cleavage that he forgot to be witty. We’re sorry! (We’re not really sorry.)

The quality of this post reflects how amazing the episode was.