Here, today you can have some TEAR DUCT FANSERVICE.

A story of gambling…and porn. Adapted and improved for Paper Flower by mefloraine hirasawa (the all-lowercase-ness is an important part of her name) and Raph Fail (of Borderline Hikikomori). And someone who is just trying to hog credit this week without any work. {Raph: Hey! I changed a word a letter, and added a small comment! I contributed!}

Alright, last week’s two weeks ago’s episode opened with the casino girls out of a job! Oh no! Apparently it is all of their faults that Rio lost to her lover. Or the new owner realized they were incompetent. Hmmmm.

For Ze Pimp, however, Rio’s loss has turned his life into that of fishing and luxury. (And then mef realized for the first time that Ze Pimp’s name is actually “Howard”, the same as the hotel. But everyone knows he is really Ze Pimp.)


Rio talks to money. No, seriously, it floats around and talks to her. And apparently loves to see her smile.

Also, mef just noticed that the show has not really dealt with Rio’s magical, luck-giving ability since the first episode. It is the most interesting part about Rio (besides her breasts), so why is it being ignored? Oh right, it’s RIO.

The show now takes the time to tell us that the resort’s new name is the GOLDSCHMIDT RESORT. Come on, the Howard Ze Pimp Resort was much better than this.

This is the spot where "pitcher"/"catcher" jokes go. {Raph: SEMETE! UKETE! SEMETE! UKETE! See, contributing.}

But gay bishies visit GOLDSCHMIDT RESORT. And by gay bishies, we mean guys we have already seen and mocked! But they were not gay when it was just Howard Ze Pimp Resort! They challenge Rio to a battle, she wins, and she SUDDENLY OVERCOMES HER PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE. So fast, Rio. Must be skill.

Then some weird things happen, and Rio gets put ~inside~ someone[‘s magic gambling power].

What will happen next?!

Well, actually, we know what happens next…

This is the fortune-teller-who-has-been-stalking-Rio-since-a-few-episodes-back-and-we-never-mentioned-again-because-she-didn't-seem-important. She is mef's waifu.

The episode begins with Rio chasing her beloved ferret! And we find out the ferret’s name! It is Chip! (Or did we already know this? mef didn’t know this.)

Then we get side characters worrying about Rio and also making her relationship with Rina canon. “Kyaa~ Maybe they’ve gone off the solidify their relationship~” Except without a “kyaa” and phrased differently.

Then Rio finds out she can control minds!

“Dealing is more than just passing out cards. A true dealer uses the roll ruler to control the victories and losses of her players.” Guess we’d better tell Vegas.

Anyway, next a sexual offender joker challenges Rio. We are not exactly sure why…apparently she just has to beat him. TO UNLOCK HER TRUE POTENTIAL?!

Oh, and apparently the sexual offender joker is really Rina. Who else’s roll ruler could Rio be trapped in, right? Right?!

But the joker didn't have breasts, so it was hard to tell. Tragedy!

Suddenly mef realizes how limited this medium of “making fun” of Rio is when SERIOUS TOPICS come out. Oh gosh~  (How dare Rio help the casino where she works or allow her best friend/lover to win a card game to allow them to compete better and also match numbers of wins! How dare she not be able to read Rina’s mind. You are so right, joker.)

A-Anyway, then Rio’s tears glow, and she snaps back to action…by losing.

Meanwhile, elsewhere…

“I only agreed to this because you said you couldn’t fly without cosplaying!”

Mint and her telekinetic boyfriend are rushing to save the day, superhero style.


“So, Rio…what will you do next?”

“Next…I will win.”

Oh man, the drama in this scene. The music! The lighting! The flare! It’s a masterpiece! It’s…it’s…totally expected!

And it replaces the main characters (Rio’s breasts and ass) with leprosy cheeks. Rio, you disappoint.

But I guess something worked, because the joker gives her a gate card to beat Rina with! We thought Rina was the joker, but maybe not?! Or is Rina trying to help Rio win? Or trying to make her battle her so that she can win the last Gate herself?!

Such mystery~ Such intrigue~ Such…Rio~

It pains her to admit it, but...she ~needs~ to see that rainbow. (The one that forms if you gather all the gate cards.)

After this, Ze Pimp meets with all of his subordinates and they smile at each other in turn.


And oh gosh, the fortune-teller-who-has-been-stalking-Rio-since-a-few-episodes-back-and-we-never-mentioned-again-because-she-didn’t-seem-important actually has the last gate card! She glows green and tells Rio that if she can…WALK FORWARD ON A PATH she can win the gate battle.

Rio uses kung fu moves to avoid danger, and her shirt gets ripped open partially so that the main characters can finally join her back in the spotlight. Rio is coming back to normal!

Then Rio wins.

Oh, and apparently Ze Pimp is in on the evil plot.

What will happen next?!

Well, we STILL KNOW! Because of course even the disasters in Japan (please support Japan) did not allow Rio to be delayed.

But we’ll put it in another post!


We love you all for reading these crazy things.

But really, why is it suddenly intense, omgash~