(Art by Hatsuko. Pixiv ID #237559)

(Art by Shiwasuda. Pixiv ID #380989) - El-Shaddia, I know little about you, but this character kills me every time I see fanart for him.

(Art by juke. Pixiv ID #59985)

(Art by Semisuki. Pixiv ID #744509)

(Art by Maromi. Pixiv ID #12523) - Fanart for Kyousuke/Kuroneko is usually cuter, whereas Kyousuke/Kirino is usually more sexual...and more prevalent.

I used to tweet images from Pixiv on a day-to-day basis.  Whatever would seem the most appealing from my hundreds of daily updates, I would post.  After a while, I wanted a way to catalogue them, so I started to use Tumblr.  400 posts into that, I realized Tumblr is a pretty bad way to keep track of things, since all it does is break.  Now the art’s on the blog, where it belongs.