Kuroneko is criminally adorable here. Art by Yukian.

I don’t think that OreImo even knows what it wants to be at this point.  It has danced around every topic, it has not endeared us to its main focus, it has made all of the side characters largely superior to the main characters, and now it has even given up on keeping some of them in character at all.

I saw it first when Kyousuke made an outburst a while back…perhaps when dealing with Ayase?  It was so dull that I don’t even remember now, but it seemed strange at the time for him to care about something besides Kirino.  But Kirino apologizing?  Please allow me to sit here and laugh for a few moments.

Thank goodness it is finally almost over.  It is not often that I look forward to the end of shows out of exasperation, but this time, I think that is the case.  I would say this is one promising, albeit expectedly cliched and full of moe, anime that spiraled down so quickly falcons would be jealous.

At least it gave us plenty of fanservice before going out.