Art by Mishima Kurone.

Episode five and six of Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai in poem form.  We addressed certain points to carry through: this poem brought from us to you!


Doujinshi in the Rain

Summer rain, peaceful,
Washing sorrow and bitter-
No, my doujinshi!


Kuroneko’s Grace

You stand there, yell;

you’ve forgotten us completely.

Blush on your cheeks:

what is that emotion?

I do not feel it;

your problems are your own.

Who are you?

I do not know.

I am the black cat.

I’ll slink away quietly.


Art by NUKO-D.


Brother-Sister Past-Present

A tsundere sister is a frightful thing
She huffs and she puffs and she scowls and she screams
Like a raging fire that smokes and billows
She kicks me in the jewels and hits me with pillows.

All I ever do is take punches for her,
But does she appreciate me – no, no sir!
I’m the best big brother a brother can be
It’s not easy with a sister who’s a tsundere.

But I’ll grab and I’ll yell and I’ll be mean, too
I’ll do whatever it takes for me to get through.
I’ll never fold when push comes to shove
Could it be about more than brotherly love?

Why, oh why, does Kirino rage?
I wish I’d had me when I was her age
But wait, what’s this – there’s something more?
Something deeper, deep down to the core.

She asks when did I become a big brother
Who’s here to take care and to talk and to love her
Maybe she’s been mean to me for a reason
But with only 13 episodes, I won’t find out this season!


Ayase’s Blame

Your older brother is a devil;

onii-chan –no– oni-chan.

Innocent girl corrupted;

you’ll never be the same.


Art by Kuwashima Rein


Father, Dearest

Surprise shown in spray,

Sake dribbles down his cheek;

Can we not just talk?


Oh, hype

Panic in the streets!
Call for help; they’ll get us!
The otaku are rising up!
Porn games are contagious.


It’s not always Perfect

Untouchable as the golden sun,

Words given freely; lies not spun.

The television knows only truths,

Nowhere is their logic loose.

Worship here; you’ll learn the right,

The media’s lost soul reports at night.

Wait, the media’s soul?

Must be an oxymoron.


Art by Xephonia.


You, me, and my Eroge

You’re my best friend, Ayase,
But please just listen to Kyousuke.
They’re only games,
I really am sane,
I love you like my eroge!


Kirino’s Eye Gaze

Impetuous.  Impervious.  Impatient.
Expecting and waiting,
Two globes burn into my own.

Stop.  STOP!
What am I to do?
What can I do for you?

Eyes, off.


I’ve got a plan.


Art by sume.





Positively smart am

I, keeping Manami

Close to me; Always

Keeping it the same;

Her friendship is my

Elation. I don’t want a

Relationship. So smart!

Granny, you look Young

I can’t see it any other way; you’re dating her.

I insist, my friend: you’re dating her.

You deny it; I laugh: you’re dating her.

You can’t grant me permission: you’re dating her.

You’re wrong; she’s old: just look at her.

I’ve known her ages: look at her.

Fifteen years out, fifty inside:

I couldn’t date my grandmother!


Art by Mikaeru.



Nothing to do, nothing to do

Why am I even here?

My pillow came, my pillow came!

I’m just around for your leers

Stupid bro, stupid bro!

I don’t think he even cares

More screen time, more screen time

I think I’ll just kick a chair.


A Sonnet, for my Brother

The sword you brandish pierces the heavens;

It strikes a blow to my heart.

The shild you bear is my only defense;

I’ll be struck if we’re apart.

Your name I call,

Your presence, I desire,

Tear down the bedroom wall,

Older brother: my sire.

The door is too sturdy,

My bare foot aches,

My thoughts are dirty;

I wish that wood would break.

This weekend, you have gone.

My loneliness: unbearably strong.



Art by Hinata.

To Sum it Up

1.       Gather all ingredients

2.       Mix together caring grandmother and kooky grandfather.  Laugh maniacally.

3.       Add a dash of energetic younger brother, freshly cut.

4.       Throw in muscular dad.  Mother figure is optional.

5.       Cook until family feelings thicken.

6.       Remove old family that boils up to the surface.

7.       Remove from heat.

8.       Serve your delicious episode.  No Kirino is needed.



mef and TWWK.

Mishima Kurone – NUKO-D – Kuwashima Rein

Xephonia – Sume – Mikaeru – Hinata