Mmkay, as I am facing off against the tyrant of the Cretaceous Period in the Aniblog Tourney today, I know there is very little that I can do to increase my odds of winning.  I mean, really, who could beat Baka-Raptor with a blog about art that doesn’t make fun of anything!?  Tsk tsk.

I don’t even have any posts of substance on the front page to greet anyone with (please proceed to the other pages…!).

So instead, I’m going to do something different with this post and ask you guys for constructive (or just demeaning!) criticism on my blog.  I know there is much I can do to improve, but I know that there is much else that you guys can probably find for me to improve instead.

Things like, the way I write posts, the way I use images, the way I link to them (Lately I’ve been trying to upload the image here directly…it’s just annoying), etc.  I can only see my blog from the perspective of the writer, but as the readers, you all can see much more.

Also, look, art!  I don’t want to cheat you guys expecting it!