And that’s about it.

The ending was not an episode that I wish to reflect on and say, “oh yeah, Baka to Test’s ending was pretty nice.”  Unless perhaps it was April Fools day; then I would be justified.  It’s like they stuck an ending on the series just to stick an ending on, and now they’re waiting for the second season.

Which I didn’t really think was necessary, by the way.  I did like this series as a whole, but how much more of it can we take?  What else can they do for a plot?  More pointless ESB action and recycling old jokes?  I do not want to see Himeji again; I do want to see pretty much everyone else again.  But is it really worth it when one of the main characters, who the show falls back on quite often, is someone you dislike?  Or when you don’t think the next season will be as fun?

My thoughts on the second season of this are much like that of K-on!’s second season.  I liked the first well enough, but I don’t see a lot of point in the second.  Why do they do this?  To make money?  Second seasons aren’t usually good for anime.

But I want to look at this season and not the next.

The show was a mess of good episodes that faded into bad and then reappeared as good again in the next because their jokes were reused.  It was a fest of crazy characters and a premise that didn’t make a lot of sense.  It was a show I picked up by chance but pretty much loved anyway.

Yes, they recycled jokes, but at least most of them were amusing jokes.  Yes, the characters were stereotypical, but at least they were fun to watch.  Yuuji and Shouko together made me laugh, Voyeur as a ninja was all too perfect, Minami was just all around nice, and Hideyoshi is Hideyoshi.  Himeji isn’t a character.

Even the side characters were enjoyable.  Hideyoshi’s sister is an adorable girl who could have used more screentime, Minami’s sister is an adorable girl who had the amount of screentime she really needed, Yoshii’s sister was insane, the gay boy made me laugh, and on and on.  Probably the only character I didn’t really like was the one who kept clinging to Minami.  As you can see, I didn’t even bother to remember her name or give her a proper characteristic.

From start to finish Bakatest brought antics for us to laugh at and a loose plot to string us along.  The loose plot was perfectly fine, I thought, because you don’t need an overly complicated plot for a comedy series.  The antics were antics, and even if some of them were used multiple times, they were still overall amusing.

It’s like the show went halfway in everything it did.  It had halfway consistently entertaining episodes, characters with some traits that made them appealing but not all, and it was halfway full of awesomeness (but 100% full of idiot).

I don’t consider that to be a good thing, but even so I continued to watch the show.  And I would probably do so again.

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