I like Pixiv Fantasia a lot for its ability to make artists who don’t usually post a lot have some activity.  I also like that it demonstrates creativity (or lack thereof) of some artists that I had not noticed before.  It forces you to make up an original character, a story, and artwork for them as well.  Fabulous!

I think I’ll show a couple of my favorite artists for this round of Fantasia (which is the fourth round, by the way), though the list is not comprehensive.  Especially as the event hasn’t even been going on for too long yet.

But for now, I’ll start you off with some of my current favorites and explain why.

Kyara / キャラ

This character belongs to Shiromiso.  I like Kyara for a couple of reasons.  For one, she reminds me of a bird, which is fairly rare in artwork, at least as far as I come across in my daily travels.  I also like her simplistic outfit because it’s surprisingly cute.  I can’t judge personality well because I don’t understand Japanese, but if Google is somewhat right, she’s a calm girl, and I love that.

Also, and I don’t know if this was intentional, but I love the light spot on her hair, because it reminds me of bird poop, which fits with her reminding me of a bird.  Does anyone feel this way?

Nonet Embers / ノネット・エンバーズ

This one is by Kl.  If you know me, you know I like devilish girls.  And girls who look like devils.  I really just love the wings and, if I’m lucky, the red hair that often accompanies them.  Anyway, that’s not the point.

Nonet is a spunky little devil; you can tell from her smile.  I don’t really like her personality entirely though, because I dislike characters that always want to be super strong, etc.

“Nonet proudly claims she’ll take over the world often, but no one ever takes her seriously. Always wants to prove she’s the strongest,” says Kl in Nonet’s profile.

So what I really like about Nonet is her devilishness, her spunk, and her outfit.

Paprika / パプリカ

Well, since I’m already on Kl, I’ll mention the other one too.  Paprika is a male who was raised in an all-girls orphanage and apparently wears a maid uniform.  That is all.

But, oh wait, I have to talk more or the thumbnails will overlap.  Nooooo.  Well, Paprika has a cute design, and he totally trapped me, which is fairly rare.  Apparently he’s a trigger happy young trap, which makes him more interesting.  Kl is one of those artists who shows me her creativity through Pixiv Fantasia.

Reve Tresor / レーヴ・トレゾール

Reve really just appeals to me because of her cute, little dagger.  The girl herself reminds me of the Queen of Hearts mixed with Alice.  I wouldn’t call it very original.  but her apathetic expression is cute, and I do like the card motif, even if it doesn’t stand out as being special.

Also, her braid being tied loosely enough that some hair can come undone is a nice touch, so I will give Kurosa Juu some credit for it.  It’s not as though I want to imply that I’m not giving Juu credit in the first place though, as Juu’s artwork is nice, and I like the artist.

Cyrill-Alcott + Belle-Alcott / シリル・オルコット + ベル・オルコット

Twins!  I decided to lump them together because of that fact.

Cyrill is the male and Belle is the female.

Trap #2!  But this one’s less adorable than the other.

I really like Aruya because Aruya is one of those artists who get really involved in Pixiv Fantasia.  And that’s the best kind, by far.  However, I would move fast because Aruya removes a lot of their work from Pixiv after Fantasia is over.  They did last year and I missed out on something I wanted to save.  orz

Anyway, this year Aruya is doing a series of cute, colored comic type things, which I think are awesome.  Cyrill’s adventures with the mole people.  The poor trap doesn’t have a lot of luck.

I am, I should note, pretty disappointed to see that Yamadori Yoshitomo is not participating this year.  Or rather, has not put anything up for the event yet.  The artist draws things a bit disproportionately, but the bright colors and overall fun in his works lure me in anyway.

And for a character that made me laugh, see here.  Ridiculously impractical.  Also, see through clothing.  Just to warn you.

So what do you guys think?  Seen any other, better Pixiv Fantasia characters lurking?  Hoping to see any?  Sad that someone isn’t posting?  Wondering why I’m bothering to make a post about this bland sort of topic?

(Well, I disagree with the last one.  Pixiv Fantasia is wonderful and full of life.  You should look into it if you haven’t.)