Alright, first real post of the new year.

I realize that I’m much too late to make any sort of an announcement post for K-on! season 2 (which has been greenlighted to air, by the way =D).  However, it is not too late for me to post an opinion on the matter.  Looking at twitter, blogs, comments on forums and image boards; it’s clear to see that peoples’ opinions on the matter of K-on! are mixed.  Season 2, even more so.  I say that because with season 2, not only do people have the “moeblob” thing to complain about, they also have the “does this need a season 2?” thing.

I did not participate in K-on! flame wars.  I had no interest.  But when I’m seeing people still talking about this series and how it “doesn’t deserve a sequel”, I can’t help but wonder where you get the authority to say that.  And really, why are you bothering?

Flaming a series on twitter or in a random blog post isn’t doing to change anything.  The series is still going to be aired.  The only thing you cause is anger and disorder.  I think artists have the right idea.  Just draw what you want and don’t listen to the comments people make.  Support the series you like and don’t touch the ones you don’t like.  Though, I suppose flaming wouldn’t be flaming if it actually had an effect.

Who is to say that “moe” doesn’t deserve attention?  In my eyes, it’s just another type of fanservice, and I don’t see people complaining in droves about the other fanservice shows coming out.  Chu-Bra!!?  No one has mentioned that one, really.  I don’t see people whining about Shin Koihime Musou, a sequel that I’ve heard some say shouldn’t have been made.  (I’m not judging it though, since I haven’t seen it.)

The best reason I can come up with for K-on! hatred, is that it’s a popular series.  Everyone wants to target the popular series, or, rather, you only notice it because people watch the popular series.  Most people would drop the anime and move on if they didn’t like it, but for its popularity, yes?  It’s popular, so you have to have an opinion on it, yes?

This sort of thing makes me think, “why can’t we just leave each others’ preferences alone?”  There are people who will not admit their stance on this show, or who try to keep it quiet, because they don’t want to be flamed.  I think that is sad.  I especially think that the need for that is sad regarding a show that is, really, a “moeblob”.  Why are people getting so hyped up about it?

My own personal stance on the matter is that K-on! was a show I liked.  I don’t mind watching moe for twenty minutes.  I actually managed to keep up to date with this show.  That is me.  Now, what I don’t get are the people who continue to watch it, and then finish an episode and rage about it.  Clearly the show doesn’t have a lot of substance.  It’s a 4koma manga; their definition is “no real substance” (exaggerated).  Why would you think the anime would be any different?

Am I looking forward to the sequel?  Sure.  Do I think one was necessary?  Not really.  I liked the first season, and I’m reading the manga.  I don’t necessarily need to see more of it.  Was it deserved?  Well, I’d have preferred a Little Busters! anime, but that doesn’t mean K-on! shouldn’t get a sequel.  It has a fanbase, so why not get one?  It’ll surely be better than the anime on an intelligent person’s “worst anime” list.

And really, if K-on! is there for you, watch more anime.