Aside from Vofan, who I did a short review on here, Misaki Kurehito is my current favorite artist.  And, well, I suppose I can say that Misaki is my definite favorite scan artist at this moment.  Because Misaki’s digital work is much less accessible than what people have scanned (which is still not enough, by the way).

I want to note, by the way, that I used this image as the thumbnail because I like it and because it’s the Misaki Kurehito image I see most often.  So I think if someone’s going to o recognize this artist, it’ll be through this image more than any other (maybe one of the Touhou works would be recognizable too).I also want to note that the link on the thumbnail isn’t Misaki’s pixiv account but the pixiv account for Diverse System.  Don’t ask me what that is exactly, because I’m not quite sure at the moment.  This image is the cover for a CD [here] though, which is neat.  If you can figure out what Diverse System is and tell me, I’ll be a happy mefloraine.

Miyamae Tomoka (careful, image is enormous)

I first met this artist when I saw some of the CGs from Suiheisen Made Nan Mile? -Deep Blue Sky & Pure White Wings-.  I love red hair, and Tomoka Miyamae was perfect for me.  Not to mention the CGs (or at least the ones I know of) are 2048×1210, which means they’re a great size.  Bigger and digital = better!

I haven’t played the game, but I think the basic plot has to do with airplanes?  Which is really interesting.  Aside from the fact that you don’t see that theme around very often, it has some cute girls.  Everyone goes for something different, I know, but this game seems able to balance simplicity with loveability.  You have the simple, red-headed ponytail girl that is Tomoka Miyamae, and you have Koga Sayoko, who manages a cute touch by a simple ribbon in the hair.  Girls that aren’t so niche tend to appeal to me more than those who are, though I won’t deny I love my megane moe.

But I’m here to talk about Misaki, not eroge.

Quite recently the artist did a wonderful work of a sunset on a train (image is 5982 x 4178, 1400×977 version here), which I loved immensely.  The girl is alone on this train ride, but the look she casts out to beyond the reach of the image is not one of sadness or loneliness but inquiry.  It makes me wonder what’s out there that we can’t see.

I also like the way the artist did the light in the image.  I don’t think there’s anything special about the execution of it, but it comes across nicely.  In fact, my favorite part about this image is the girl herself.  Namely, her uniform (which I love the design of) and her hair.  The hair has a well-met balance of loose, flying strands and tight locks.  The slight amount of curl at the bottom is a very nice touch, and the coloring on it is appealing.  (Her left hand is slightly messed up though.)

Misaki did a devil too (5979x4081)

Indeed, I love Kurehito’s coloring on everything.  It’s well-done and professional, and the eyes are unique.  They balance being typical anime-styled eyes with their own special effects.  Those being mainly the flecks of different color within the iris.  Or, the inconsistency, you might say.

Kurehito is able to do both dark, realistic coloring and bright, fake coloring.  In the Yosuga no Sora artwork (second link), the characters themselves are rendered nicely as well.  Kurehito isn’t the official artist for this, but Kurehito’s work makes me interested in it anyway.  (Even Misaki cannot change my lack of interest in Touhou though.)

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough.  Misaki Kurehito has nice coloring ability and can come up with really cute or really edgy originals.  Misaki’s eye coloring is nice, and I love Misaki’s headphones works as well.

Misaki Kurehito, along with Kuroya Shinobu, is a member of the circle Cradle.  I’m linking you to the circle’s website because I can’t find one specifically for Kurehito.  I assume there isn’t one.  Note also that I like Kuroya Shinobu’s works, and that the two artists work together.  So if any of the images I’ve mentioned were done by Shinobu, the same thought still applies.  I don’t want someone telling me I’ve got it all wrong because one image was done by Shinobu but put in a Cradle artbook or something.  I don’t own the book–how would I know?

Basically, Misaki Kurehito is a favorite of mine right now, so take a look at ’em!

As an extra note, I’ve realized I hate featuring non-pixiv artists.  Why?  Because I can’t link to the full versions of anything without having to use a third party image board.  And while I don’t mind these boards themselves, I would prefer to link to the artist instead.  Scans are inconvenient!

And…I’m wondering if I should majorly change the way I write these things.  It’s rather…disjointed, I think.

EDIT: Changed out the links.  If you get any errors trying to view them, please tell me.