6887194How I love your art.  I think I’ll post up a select few of my favorite Halloween images from this year.  Just a couple though because there are plenty of image boards with a much larger collection, including Pixiv itself.

Note, if you think that Oshino Shinobu on the left is just soo kawaii and you just haaaave to see the bigger image, be warned that there’s a less cute and more naked silver haired neko mimi girl included in what you’ll be seeing.

However, this Oshino Shinobu is quite a nice one.  She has all the elements required of an Oshino Shinobu (loli, doughnut), and she even has some extras (sword, devil wings, witch hat).  I’m mainly just happy to see some more Oshino Shinobu fanart.


The winner for largest, pleasing halloween image is Yooani with [this].  The two cute girls above have been cropped from that enormous thing for your viewing pleasure.  Basically, they’re my favorites from the image.

Why?  Because aside from the contrast of white hair and black hair (which is always a favorite of mine), they’re cute!  And there’s a pair of headphones…and they’re maids…and they just stuck out to me in the image.


Best pointy eared near-devil goes to the above from the artist Riru.  The image has a subtle effect, and it’s small, but it’s also quite cute.  Please see the full version to get the details and full effect.


Petitdevil wins for most beautiful and artistic Halloween image.  I love the broken moon and the contrast of bright light on dark sky.  The girl makes me think of the man on the moon but cuter, and the pumpkin adds a very subtle Halloween touch that I find to be perfect.  Petitdevil’s work is best when it doesn’t have a theme.


Best image from a source: Kooh!  Thanks Yuzuki!  I cropped the image there so you could see her cute, dolfini hair…holder things, though it’s a little lopsided because of that.

I’m trying to save up enough money for buy a Kooh in Pangya.  I haven’t been playing enough to make enough cash though.  I played a lot more before the Season 4 switch, and I think it’s because my gaming buddies have been busy.  I should probably look for some new people, but…new people!?  Nuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Anyway, I wanted a Halloween Kooh, but I guess that wasn’t meant to be.  orz  It’s too late now, isn’t it?  I only managed to get two of the four fruit boxes as well, but I might try to see if I can scoop up the next one tomorrow or tonight since I’ll have some time.  Some devil wings for my Hana might be nice as well…but that costs money, so…no go.


And I’ll finish off with a caidychen neko.  I’ve mentioned my love of caidychen in the past, and it hasn’t faltered this Halloween.  This is probably the most sexy Halloween image I’ve liked this year, and it’s also the more neko mimi-d one.  Please view the full version, as my cropped/scaled version doesn’t do it justice.  I hate the restriction of image size in this wordpress theme, but I hate all the other themes in general, so…I don’t have a lot of choice.

And that’s all I’m going to post up image-wise.  There are a lot of other great Halloween images, including some I love but haven’t posted, but it takes a lot of work and time to put them all up, so I’m going to refrain this year.

I’m still praying Vofan will doodle something for Halloween…or just in general would be nice too.  The 100 sketch project is admirable though, and I’m certainly enjoying it.  Where does he find the time?