bloggyI’ll start off with a round of artist mentions from my other blog.

Vofan is my alltime favorite artist.  The Taiwanese man is the artist for the Bakemonogatari novels, written by Nisio Isin, and a consistent artwork contributor to FamiTsu magazine. 

He draws four girls for FamiTsu; three devils and an angel.  The angel has been featured in his artwork a total of, if memory serves, four or five times.  She is younger than the other girls and tends to be a bit of a joke character.  In one artwork, you can find her crushed under game boxes while the other girls enjoy their time at the beach.  o1139144999

In the Otona Fantasy cover she is depicted as trying to catch up to the other girls as they stroll along.

The next girl is a red haired, sometimes sassy devil.  She seems to be the oldest of the three sisters, though I cannot say for certain what their ages are.  Vofan tends to draw her a lot, which is good because she’s my favorite of the three.  A third look brings us to the blonde haired devil, presumably the middle child.  Vofan also draws her somewhat often.  Last is the blue haired devil, youngest of the three and drawn the least.  Most of the artwork is old and full of JPG artifacts.  Vofan has, however, eradicated the issue of artifacts in his more recent works.

Apart from the FamiTsu girls, this artist also does more traditional work.  Some of his images even look like they’ve been painted because of his style.  These are often the most beautiful of his works altogether, and he has a sense of lighting and an imagination that transforms them from nice to truly amazing.

rei-izumiMangaka for .hack//sign and Hibiki’s magic, this cheerful artist is another one of my favorites.  I happened to like her Hibiki’s Magic.  I wonder when the third one is going to be released–it’s been a long time without any news of it.

Anyway, her balance of fanart and originals is nice; you can rest in your familiar characters but take a break at the same time.  My main grievance with this artist is that she doesn’t seem to care about avoiding artifacts (or it’s her tactic to avoid reposting of works).

Most of her characters are young or appear to be young through her style.  Eyes are large and innocent, which I generally dislike in bulk but make an exception for in this artist.  She uses a lot of bright colors to draw you in, and I don’t think I’ve seen a truly sad character from her.

She’s also the artist of this image that I’ve seen all over the internet.  2023724

There’s something about internet trawlers and angelic images, I’ve noticed.  It seems they just can’t stand not to repost the angels.

Rei also seems to like Little Busters! a lot.  There are, however, more images from it on her website than her pixiv.

4318602Caidychen (Ky00D) is slowly creeping up into my favorites.  It started with his Mio Akiyama fanart I found on deviantART and has been solidified by his fanart of the artist Dhiea.  He tends to do risque works: pantyshots, dakimakuras, etc.  But his less fanserving images are, to me, more beautiful.

He uses bright colors, big eyes–his images seem to glow a little, which is my main complaint.  But aside from that they’re generally very enjoyable.  I can’t say his style in very unique, but it is pleasing to the eye.

Much like Rei Izumi, Caidychen balances fanarts with originals.  Unlike Rei Izumi, however, he also does fanarts of her friends.  That Ideolo image is, to me, proof that caidychen can do well with lineart as well as coloring.  I think the ability to do both is excellent in an artist.

Caidychen most likes Touhou for his fanart, it seems.  For every image of something else, there are two of Touhou.  This is a popular series in Japan, especially in the art world. It’s hard to find an artist who hasn’t done fanart from it.  I feel as though he would benefit by branching out a little because he seems able to do very versatile work.

5994414Can’t help but love a good Nardack work.  Nardack has a very bright, smooth style that I happen to greatly enjoy.  This artist is definitely in my top 50 or so.  I wouldn’t dare narrow my favorites below that though–there are too many.

It was Nardack’s maid Mio that caught my eye initially, but it was the somewhat Victorian (guessing) inspired work that kept me interested.  Plus, Nardack has done the most excellent Twilight fanart I’ve ever seen.  Not that I really care about Twilight fanarts.  The series was nice, but it wasn’t worth so much hype, in my opinion.

Nardack’s Alice in Wonderland fanart has reached the top of my favorite Alice images, even with the small flaw.  “Eat me” on a vial of liquid.  Not to mention the Fantastic World series, which I really wish Nardack would continue.

And because that’s the mood I’m in, a few simple (and not very well-done) Nardack avatars for anyone to enjoy.



That’s good enough for now.

If you ever happen to need a link to an artist’s website that their pixiv doesn’t provide through the images I reference, feel free to mail me and I’ll see what I can find for you.